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中文课堂  Beginning Mandarin


Mrs. Sun, Saint Michael's Catholic Academy, NYC, U.S.A.




     欢迎来到中文课堂。 Welcome to Chinese Class.


     这个网站是为圣麦可学校初级中文班教学所设计。This website is designed for Beginning Mandarin.


     在这里,你将找到与中文学习相关的许多资料。You will find many relevant resources to help you learn Chinese here.


     更多的资料将会陆续更新。More materials will be uploaded regularly.


   Click the right sidebar to visit our Wiki pages. 



 Created and maintained by Nina Sun (email: sun@mhrca-nyc.org). 

        Kindergarten Mandarin teacher from MHRCA . Date of creation: September 1, 2014. 


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